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Lash Extensions

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, drugstore eyelashes. I use premium synthetic, faux-mink lashes curled to enhance your natural lashes. Medical-grade adhesive safely attaches the synthetic lashes to your natural eyelashes individually. The application of eyelash extensions is not only an art form, but a detailed service I take very seriously. I take every precaution to provide you with the best products, services and outcomes so you can enjoy your beautiful eyelashes.

For your first visit, you will need to book a full set of eyelash extensions. Please choose between classic, hybrid  or volume. Classic eyelash extensions are applied one extension to every one natural lash. Classic lashes result in 80-100 eyelash extensions per eye. Volume eyelash extensions consist of applying multiple super fine, light weight extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. Volume lashes result in having 200-600 eyelash extensions applied to each eye.  Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a blend of Classic & Volume. Please allow 2 -3 hours for a Full Set appointment and come in wearing NO eye makeup.

A person's natural eyelash sheds every 60 - 90 days and a new lash grows in its place. This is a cycle that happens all the time but you will be more aware of it with eyelash extensions on. Therefore, it is necessary to get what is referred to as "Fills".  Fills replace the fallen out lashes and give your lashes back their fullness. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, anything past 4 weeks may result in needing a new full set.

Studio Kalon LLC retails Borboleta Beauty products for aftercare. The health of your natural eyelashes is #1! It is important to cleanse your eyes, and lashes, every day - even if you do not wear makeup on a daily basis. Read more about aftercare HERE!


volume lash extensions

Hand-made volume fans using thinner, lighter extensions. This allows for a custom look for a full, dramatic lash line!  

Volume Full Set $200

Volume Fill $100

hybrid lash extensions

Adding more fullness than a classic full set, this mix of classic extensions with hand-made volume fans results in a chic, semi-dramatic look.

Hybrid Full Set $185

Hybrid Fill $90


classic lash extensions

One extension to one natural eyelash, giving more length and an elegant natural look.

Classic Full Set $155

Classic Fill $80

new client fill

Already have lash extensions from another artist? This two hour appointment is for you - giving us time to analyze and fill your lashes!

Note: Depending on the state of your natural eyelashes/eyelash extensions we may recommend removal and new full set. 


New Client Fill $120

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