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Those two words can be haunting at times. I wanted to encourage y’all today, my sweet friends, to GO FOR IT! If there is something on your heart and you are wondering “what if”...pray, seek guidance and wisdom, and work for it with all you’ve got.

For me it was, “What would happen if I moved to Texas”. I’m so glad I finally took the leap, because if I hadn’t I would have always wondered. God is teaching me so many lessons in this season...about being a business owner, about the importance of relationships with friends and family, about who I am! I wouldn’t have been able to grow and learn if I hadn’t decided to go for it.

Our lives are made up of choices, we have to pick one and see what happens next. Your “what if” could turn into “I just did that!”👏🏻⚡️

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It’s SO hard to step out and take a chance but that is certainly where we grow. You are an inspiration.

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